MAY 21 2018

We felt the SGA Conference could use a makeover so for this year we decided to keep it simple and focus on what we believe is the core of SGA ;




The SGA network party is the perfect place to connect with students, industry veterans and future colleagues.You’ll find spirits, food, games, and possibly a new job since some of our sponsors & exhibitors are actively recruiting. Anna Jenelius will provide us with a talk, and later towards the evening, we’ll host a Dragons’ Den on the main stage. Register yourself and pitch your ideas to the largest game publishers in Sweden.

Towards the evening, there will be a party, entertained by our secret DJ.


Anna Jenelius
Valiant Game Studio
CEO & Creative Director

Being Valiant: The First Year in the Life of a Game Studio
In 2017, two people called Anna and Kevin decided to start an indie game studio. Since then, much has happened. This talk gives insight in what you can expect from your first year of starting a game studio, including cautionary tales and funny anecdotes.

Tom Giardino
Steam Business team

Join members of Valve’s Steam Business team

for a brief Steam update presentation, with an overview of the platform, data about our customers and regions, and general advice for devs preparing to ship games—on Steam, or anywhere else. After the presentation there will be time for general Q&A and smaller one-on-one discussions, so please bring your questions or feedback about Steam.

Liam O’Neil
Raw Fury Games
Albert Säfström
Coffee Stain Publishing
Maria A Grimaldi
Goodbye Kansas
Senior Investment Manager
Gustav Groth
Paradox Interactive
Product Manager


with a Secret DJ

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