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General Game Development

Mobile / IOs

How to Make Apps

Want to make iOs games but don’t know how? This guy has all the tutorials. Download Swift, make some Sprites and go!


Published - Game Design Manual

In this manual you’ll learn, in-depth, about the four most important parts of getting

published: Game design, graphic design, level design, and retention. These

are the foundations of successful game creation.

The Psychology of Game Design

Sid Meier is talking about how game-play is a psychological experience and how human psychology defines your game more than physics or algebra.

How to make a good video game tutorial

While the specifics vary from game to game, there’s a few simple rules that pretty much every game should be able to follow.

Extra Credits: Game Design

Perhaps the best series on YouTube concerning Game Design.

Sequelitis - Mega Man Classic vs. Mega Man X

How Mega Man teaches us Level Design.


Level Design - Tutorials List

There are too many tutorials to choose from on the subject, so here is a link to them all.


5 Tips for Beginner Programmers


Tale of the Hero's Journey

Are you a storyteller too lazy to read a book? Here is a video that basically gives you the summary of the book “A hero with a thousand faces” which you will read eventually.



Modern Video Game Sounds Explained by Experts

Great Inspiration for sounds.


Crush the Norm: Diversity Rules

Kiki Olofsson and Kristin Adolfsson from King did this short and sweet yet really understandable talk on diversity at Game Developers Conference 2017. Great if you are new to the concept of diversity and want get a hang of the basics!


Tropes vs Women in Video Games - Season 1

Anita Sarkeesian is known and praised for her YT video series “Trope vs. Women”. If you are tired of Netflix and searching for inspiring things to watch, you might find it (and learn something) here!

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