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This is the official submission form for the Swedish Game Awards 2023. Make sure you have all information required below on hand before starting the process, as you cannot make any updates after submitting. 

If you have any questions regarding the submission process you may contact us at info[at]


Before starting, please carefully read the RULES.

Start your submission here
Upload .zip file

Please provide a download link to a .zip file containing the following material and information.Before uploading your game, make sure you have included everything by following this checklist. The PDF is the only info about your game the jurors will read before beginning play - so make sure unclear aspects are explained such as the control scheme, etc.

The .zip file must inlude following:
The Game Summary .pdf must inlude following:

Use e.g. a Dropbox or Google Drive link. We suggest you test the link and double-check that the game runs before submitting. Please ensure you have set the correct permissions for the link, allowing us to view it.


Submission successful!

SGA Submission

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