The Competition

Swedish Game Awards is Sweden's biggest game development competition. It is open for anyone within the borders of Sweden, hobbyist or self-employed. As long as at least 50% of the team’s participants are not currently or previously employed by a company within the game and/or entertainment industry, you are all welcome to apply! Submissions for SGA’19 are open from the 14th of May to 14th of July. 

This year, the SGA expo and gala is held in Stockholm on the 10th of August. During the expo, all SGA’19 nominated games will be on display for the general public to play, followed by a gala dinner during which the winners are announced.





1. Do we need to provide you with PC/ Xbox controls etc.?

Unless your game have alt-controlrs, you do not have to provide us with controllers or any extra material for the testing, as we will have most things on site. But it would be appreciated if you noted this in your submission, so we can have them ready. 

3. Is there a guaranteed place at the Gala if you have been nominated or do you have to buy a ticket in advance?

Each Nominated team gets two free tickets. Remaining team members are welcome to come, but have to buy their own tickets. But we will try to make sure there are tickets for everyone in the team.

5. What if the project has had a Kickstarter before?

It's ok to apply, as long as the game was self-published, and has not gotten any funding/been published by an established investor/ publisher.

7. I did not receive any confirmation E-mail!

If you use a hotmail/outlook mail, the e-mail might be blocked by the server. If it is, we'll manually send one, but it might take a few hours. If you are unsure that your game was submitted, please contact us at!

2. What materials are available on site and what are the exhibitors expected to assist with?

Exhibitors are expected to bring their own computers and technology necessary to show off the game. Max two computers per game. If you have bigger games like alt-control or VR then you'll have one. If you have trouble getting external screens, SGA may help with that. Have at least one from the team at site at all times, whom can rig up everything and help game testers. This is only for the Expo if you've been nominated. 

4. Do I have to send an .Exe if it's a mobile, arcade, or self-published game, can't I just send the store page link or bring it to the testing site?

This is acceptable, but we would recommend to send a PC/exe version as well. So if there is any problems, we have an extra back-up. Just make sure to add a comment or a Read-Me in your zip file with the trailer, screenshots etc., so that we don't miss it.

If you have alt-controls that you wish to bring to the play-test, please contact us at

6. When I try to Submit my game, the page scrolls back up and the information I entered  disappear!

If this happens, the submission have probably gone through, but the information text has failed to appear. When you submit your game, the page scrolls up, a message is sent, and everything you have written is cleared (so if you want to submit a contribution, you do not need to refresh).
If it does not clear, but scrolls up. Look through your submission and see if you've entered all required information.

If you're still unsure, feel free to contact us at at any time!



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