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The Competition

The Swedish Game Awards (SGA) is an award show lifting the future of game development. It has fuelled young talent with encouragement, confidence, and passion since 2002.


Through the years it has provided immeasurable value for the Swedish games industry. There are countless examples of how SGA has helped shape the success of both individual creatives and companies alike. This is more than just an award show - it is part of creating what constitutes the Swedish game industry today and will continue to do so in the future.


Open to anyone within the borders of Sweden, student, hobbyist, or self-employed. As long as at least 50% of the team’s participants are not currently or previously employed by a company within the game and/or entertainment industry, you are welcome to apply! Please see all the rules further down on this page.


All nominated games are displayed for the general public at a showcase event the day before the award show. 

Submit your game


1. General

1. Swedish Game Awards (SGA) reserves the right to decide whether an entry may compete or not.

2. The submissions have to be uploaded at 11:59 PM Swedish time (UTC +01:00) on the date of the deadline. Entries submitted later than this may be ignored.

3. Entries and participants may not be currently associated with or sponsored by, a company in the games or entertainment industry. An entry that violates this rule will be disqualified. However, it is allowed to start a company associated with the entry. The rationale behind this rule is that this is to be kept a student-oriented competition.

4. The entry must not have been published by a publisher. Releasing the game independently is allowed.

5. A playable demo – not necessarily a completed game – must be submitted by each team by the competition's deadline. This submission is referred to as the final entry. Additionally, each team is required to submit at least three (3) in-game screenshots, a game-play video or a trailer, and a 150-word description of the game.

6. Partners to SGA are not liable for lawsuits from participants of the competition regarding game ideas or likenesses to their own products, current or future.

7. Award nominees and winners are selected by the competition’s jury, and its decision cannot be appealed.

8. If a team plans an ambitious entry that does not completely follow the rules above they may contact SGA with a rules exception request. More specific demands that affect the final entry may be announced during the course of the competition.

9. Teams may submit multiple game entries. This also means individuals may participate in multiple teams and entries during the same competition run.

2. Technology

1. Entries must run on one of the following operating systems: Windows 7, 8, or 10, Linux (the latest stable build of Ubuntu), or OS X (as a Universal binary). Emulators are permitted. The entries may use special hardware such as gamepads or homemade input devices, but they must be provided to SGA prior to the jury weekend in order for the jury to be able to do their job. They will be returned shortly after. Should your game need a gamepad or such, please contact one of the organizers.

2. Entries targeting the mobile platform must run on one of the following platforms: Windows Phone, Iphone/Ipad, or Android. The entry must be a native application. SDK emulators are also allowed.

3. Entries are allowed to use existing technology (such as libraries, game engines, game makers, etc.) and existing media (such as images, 3D models, sound effects, etc.) However, teams must have the right to use the technology, media, and trademarks, as well as the right to submit the final entry to SGA for judgment, i.e. respect copyrights and any applicable license agreements. This also means that modifications of existing games (“mods”) are allowed.

3. Participants

1. SGA aims to promote ambitious individuals, looking to break into the Swedish game and/or entertainment industry. Therefore at least 50% of the team participating cannot be currently or previously employed by a company within these branches.


Do we need to provide you with PC/ Xbox controls etc.?

Unless your game has alt-controls, you do not have to provide us with controllers or any extra material for the testing, as we will have most things on site. But it would be appreciated if you noted this in your submission, so we can have them ready.

Do I have to send an .Exe if it's a mobile, arcade, or self-published game, can't I just send the store page link or bring it to the testing site?

This is acceptable, but we recommend sending a PC/exe version as well. So if there are any problems, we have an extra backup. Just make sure to add a comment or a Read-Me in your zip file with the trailer, screenshots, etc., so we don't miss it.

If you have alt-controls that you wish to bring to the play-test, please contact us at

What materials are available on-site and what are the exhibitors expected to assist with?

Exhibitors are expected to bring their own computers and the technology necessary to show off the game. Max two computers per game. If you have bigger games like alt-control or VR then you'll have one. If you have trouble getting external screens, SGA may help with that. Have at least one from the team at the site at all times, who can rig up everything and help game testers. This is only for the Expo if you've been nominated.

What if the project had a previous Kickstarter campaign?

It's ok to apply, as long as the game was self-published, and has not gotten any funding/been published by an established investor/ publisher.

Is there a guaranteed place at the Gala if you have been nominated or do you have to buy a ticket in advance?

Each Nominated team gets a number of free tickets depending on the yearly budget. We will prioritize tickets for everyone in the teams nominated. Remaining friends & family are welcome to join by purchasing a ticket, within the limits of the venue.

When I try to Submit my game, the page acts weirdly, why?

If you can't press submit, thoroughly review your submission and see that you entered all the required information. If you get a confirmation after pressing 'Submit', the submission has gone through.

Gamers choice logo

The crowds favorite. During the pre-event (day before Gala), the audience will vote for their favorite.

Game of the year

An eye catching game that caught all our attention. This game should exceed in most of this years categories. This will be awarded to the best of the best.

best mobile execution

Mobile games are taking over the world! We are looking for relevant games that shows innovation and promising market potential, preferably by using AR technology.

best technical execution

Give us great technical solutions. Whether it be a custom made game engine, innovative controlls for an app or inspiring virtual reality. We are looking forward to see what ideas you've come up with! Do remember that it's the technical execution that is being viewed, so make sure you have really perfected this aspect of your submission.

best execution in audio

Never forget that audio is one of the most essential parts of a game, it can add life to your world. The game that wins this prize should have audio that overall enhances the experience of playing.

best execution in narrative

As we all know games can be a great tool for stepping out of your everyday life and often it's because of its narrative. A game's narrative can be told in many many ways - so here's a prize to the game that is the most compelling narrative in any form imaginable.

best execution in art

The games in this category show a great understanding of how art can be used to convey a game's genre and story.

best diversity effort

This year we're hoping to see more inclusive games than before and this prize will go to the game that shows the widest range of diversity. We encourage the contestants to challenge stereotypes and present situations in new, exiting ways.

best execution in design

The nominees of this category will show great problem solving skills, and a well thought out design that supports the story and core of their game.


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