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Pitch your ideas, and meet investors from the largest Game Publishers in Sweden.
Use this opportunity to connect & receive feedback from industry investors.
If the dragons like your idea you’ll be given the opportunity to make a more elaborate private pitch at their office(s) on a future date.

Your pitch does not need to be connected to your SGA projects.

Apply today to get a chance to join the line-up of amazing new ideas. Applications will be closed at 16/05/2018.

Liam O’Neil
Raw Fury Games
Albert Säfström
Coffee Stain Publishing
Maria A Grimaldi
Goodbye Kansas
Senior Investment Manager
Gustav Groth
Paradox Interactive
Product Manager



1. Swedish Game Awards (SGA) reserves the right to decide whether an entry may compete or not.


2. Entries and participants may not be currently associated with, or sponsored by, a company in the games or entertainment industry. An entry that violates this rule will be disqualified. However, it is allowed to start a company associated with the entry.

3. The entry must not have been published by a publisher. Releasing the game independently is allowed.

4. A power-point should be made and sent to SGA if you have been chosen.

5. Partners to SGA are not liable for lawsuit from participants of the competition regarding game ideas or likenesses to their own products, current or future.

6. Winners are selected by the competition’s jury, and its decision cannot be appealed.


1. SGA aims to promote ambitious individuals, looking to break in to the Swedish game and/or entertainment industry. Therefore at least 50% of the team participating cannot be currently or previously employed by a company within these branches.

2. Participants are not guaranteed a free ticket to the SGA Conference.

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