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Would you date a...?

Genre      -

Platform -

Dating Sim


Find yourself in the TOTALLY fictional town of Skovde, and meet, flirt and [REDACTED] its beautiful inhabitants. Embark on your quest today!

Made by

Team Cocktail



Albin Larsson - Writer

Agnar Thor Oskarsson - Lead Audio, Programmer & UI Artist

Olof Hedström - Concept Artist & Writer

William Fitkin - Lead Artist

This started as an inside joke. Then it became so much more… You take on the role of a newcomer into town and meet several interesting characters, but let’s not spoil who they are, that’s up to you to find out. There are 6 available partners, and if you get bored of HOT flirting ACTION, there’s a lake where you can go fish. Go get your groove on!

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