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Symbiosis is an atmospheric first person puzzle game where the player uses vines to traverse the game

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Robin Albertsson - 3D Artist

Juras Rodionovas - 3D Artist

Dina Berkgaut - 3D Artist/Animator

Sofia Österlund - 3D Artist

Simon Laserna - Design

Linus Thorelli - Design

Douglas Ekenhammar - Design

Nomi Bontegard - 2D Artist

Felix Stålenhag - 2D Artist

Anthony Aaltonen - 2D Artist

Symbiosis is a first person puzzle game with a heavy atmosphere. In the game the player wakes up deep within an abandoned and overgrown lab facility. Floors, roofs and walls have begun to cave in as nature have unleashed its overwhelming force upon the structure. Giant vines are sprouting from broken pipes and luminescent vegetation casts rays of light into the darkness. Without knowledge about what happened to the facility or what you are, the answers can only lie ahead. While traversing this environment the greatest asset of the player is the ability to interface with and control vines within the facility. These may serve to bridge the gaps created by the collapsed floors,or used to swing through the air. The strength of the vines can also be used to move heavy objects. The vines are what binds everything together on the players journey to discover clues about their characters past, present and future fate. But beware, as something sinister might also lurk somewhere in the depths of the facility.

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