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Super Untitled Game

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You're the only one standing in the way of the aliens & the destruction of earth.
If violence is their language, let's start a conversation.

Made by

Digital Punch



Andréas Bartziokas - Programming / Graphics

Nicklas Lindgren - Graphics

David Palm - Graphics

Sending you into a dark future where two cybernetic warriors are tasked with eradicating the invading forces of a monstrous alien race.

Bringing back the classic platform shooter from the 90's to their roots with quick paced action, the ruins of a dark, broken world and hordes of hideous enemies. Fight the invaders alone or combine forces with a friend to deal twice the blow to their armies.

Upgrade your weapons, stack up on grenades and shields to inflict maximum amount of carnage. Duck, jump, climb and run using your environment to survive the onslaught of enemies as you fight your way toward the central hive to pull out this disease by the roots.

Pull the trigger and don't let go until you've secured the future of the earth and its inhabitants.

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