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story-driven 2D puzzle-platformer


You are a living slime, you are trapped at a laboratory. You need to escape by using all the slimes properties.

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Lead Roles Project Leader: Solvej von Malmborg

Creative Leader: August Lewén

Graphic Lead: Sara Frid

Design Lead: Alfred Carlsson

Program Lead: Tim Cook

Sound/Music Lead: Alexander Larsson

Story: Alfred Carlsson August Lewén Albin Tingstam Mårtenson

Level Design: Alfred Carlsson August Lewén Albin Tingstam Mårtenson

Graphics & Animation: Klara Asklund Sara Frid Veronica Johansson Ilayda Zeynep Ertuğrul John Kardell

Music: Solvej von Malmborg Robert Klevland

Sound Effects: Isaac Anner Alexander Larsson

Programming: Tim “Timpan” Cook Sara Uvalic Julius Nordén Franz Jonzon

Slimer is a story-driven 2D puzzle-platformer and also the name of the game's protagonist. The game setting is an underground laboratory, where Slimer is kept against its will. It's your job to help it escape!

PEGI 7. Single player. Estimated play time: 30-45 minutes. A few of the things you can do in the game:

- Control movements: Walk, jump, climb in the ceiling, and jump and slide on walls.

- Interact with pressure plates to make things move around.

- Pick up items. - Change color and use it to progress.

- Conduct electricity - Avoid acid and vacuum cleaners.

- Find out more about the story.

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