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Seaside is an endearing story about a girl living her life in a quirky (and fictional) version of the Swedish west coast archipelago.

Made by

Quarter Pound Fish Studios



Project Lead ​- Lukas Lundh

Assistant Project Lead ​-Tomas Granlund

Design/Game Writing Lead ​- Emma Vikström

Sound/Music Lead - Jesper Wibäck

Graphics Lead - Lisa Kolfjord

Programming Lead - Johannes Bjärehall

Art Director - Linnea Torpfält

Music​: Jesper Wibäck, Jacob Farnelid

Graphics: Elina Tjäder, Linnea Torpfält, Kevin Lidström, Lisa Kolfjord

Sound: Katarina Walfridsson, Kristoffer Degerlund

Design​: Emma Vikström, Lukas Lundh

Game Writing​: Ronja Bergman, Alfred Jakobsson

Programming​: Johannes Bjärehall, Tomas Granlund, Mattias Gustafsson

Seaside Town, a gentle place where waves lull the villagers to sleep. This is the place where you will spend the coming year, living together with a distant relative and her wife while your dad works hard during the sudden travels his job require now. In an attempt to help you settle in the townspeople request your help in everyday tasks such as catching frogs and finding missing children. When you return to your new home for dinner you’re welcomed with open arms and a message that your dad promised to visit soon, but until then you have to get to know the small town by yourself. Play as Tina in this 2D simulator game and explore the town of Seaside. By interacting with both the environment and the people living there you will start tasks to complete. The game offers a welcoming atmosphere with loving graphics and music that changes throughout the day.

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