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You need to take a break. Run away to wherever your feet take you. Anticipate that next epic leap, and let loose!

Made by

Orbit Break



Vidar Grönros - Project Manager

Léo Smith - Lead Sound Designer

Wiktor Ravndal - Programmer

Linda Sjørslev Khamphoukeo - Lead Artist

Isaac Olander - Animator & Artist

Benjamin Thomas Harbakk - Level Designer & Artist

You are a girl who is tired of the noise and busy bustle of the city. You need to get out and get some time for yourself and do something you enjoy; running! Ready yourself for that epic leap by charging yourself up. Jump off high-rise buildings and rooftops, ducking under obstacles, running for the sake of it and for the feeling of freedom it evokes. The game is about giving the player a feeling of flow and movement, and never punishing them for their mistakes. The player should always be allowed to move forward and feel good no matter their skill level. It’s not about getting the fastest time or beating a score, but moving through the level in a pleasing way feeling the anticipation and release!

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