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Primal Party

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Join the party and team up with your favorite pri-mate. Compete in a number of minigames to be crowned the champion of the Primal Party!

Made by




Marcel Bailleul- Producer & Lead Design

Mohamad Saleh- Lead Art

Stella Nyberg Brodda- Art

Steven Kolankowski- Lead Code

Ben Lockwood- Art

Gabriel Ringmar- Code

Primal Party - The Bamboozling Party Game!Join the Primal Party and team up with your favorite pri-mate! Steal barrels with your tail, defend your loot against the other team and raiding knights or get on a greedy hunt for shiny trophies. But watch out for the falling fruits! Make use of the fruit`s explosive powers before your opponents do, to bamboozle them and achieve victory.

Primal Party is a party game that wants to fulfill the need for fellowship by cooperating with your friend and the need for competition by fighting for victory against the other team.

It currently features several mini games that focus on 2v2 competition. Even though it is easy to pick up, if you want to succeed you´ll need the proper bamboozling approach and the right teammate to be crowned Champion of the Primal Party!

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