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Nova Factor

Genre      -

Platform -

First Person Shooter


Nova Factor is a 1 vs. 1, FPS competitive game. Players build up a team of their former selves to battle in a five round match to win.

Made by

Bloodberry Games



Nick Valkov - Gameplay Programmer

Rishi K.S. - Network/Menu UI Programmer

Alex Östermark - Weapon Art and Map Assets

Christopher Fisher - Character and UI Art

Nicholas Lo - Animations

Petter Larsson - Environmental and Concept Art

Mikael Sukoinen - Audio and Scrum

Nova Factor is a 1 vs. 1, First Person Shooter competitive game. The players build up a team of their former selves from the previous rounds. A match consists of five rounds where the final round determines the winner.Each player has a chance to create a strategy through placing themselves in chosen locations. With each successive round, after the first one, the players begin with a recorded version of themselves from the previous round(s).

These bots act out their recordings until they are shot when they weren’t before, see someone that wasn’t there before or the recording has finished. Once any of those conditions is met the bots become a free-roaming teammate. The players only have one life, but they can jump into a bot from another round that is still alive and free-roaming.

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