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Take control of the very sticky Mondi and find your way up through this broken down science facility.

Made by

Great 8



Johanna Fransson - 2D

Julia Nilsson - 2D

Sabrina Oja - 2D

Olle Drakenberg - Design

Douglas Gidlöf - Design

Simon Lundgren - Design

Erik Hammarbäck - 3D

Nikolaos Kaltsogiannis - 3D

Jona Marklund - 3D

Mattias Rosquist - 3D

You are Mondi, a strange slime that seems to have been born out of a growing vat. Not much is known about you, and you don’t know much about anything. What you know is that you’re green, sticky, and you seem to have some sort of flower on your head. Due to your sticky nature, it looks like you can jump and stick to anything (yes, anything). Jump and stick your way through the weird and treacherous environment that seems to be this long abandoned research facility.

Maybe you will find your way out, maybe you will not to die, and maybe.. just maybe, you’ll discover who you really are.

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