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MetaRay Type 5

Genre      -

Platform -

Shoot em up


MetaRay: A approachable shoot em up with bit sized levels of hardcore action.

Made by

Lost Ace Games



Christoffer Lundberg - Game

Aron Teurnell - Narrative

Short (15s) levels with high difficulty.

This is not a marathon, MetaRay is a sprint: survive with three lives in 15 seconds segments.

MetaRay is a take on the shoot em up genre the way Super meat boy remade platform games.Two firing modes, focused and spread. One smart bomb per screen, clears the area from bullets and deals a high amount of damage. Blade with short range, clears bullets and recharges within seconds. Classic Combo meter, rack up high score by killing enemies within a shrinking time limit. 3 Chapters with two difficulty levels: First Time & Original.

Scenario mode: picks randomly from a pool of scenarios with dynamic difficulty in 3 min gameplay.

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