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Go on a dog adventure where you bark, dig, sprint and use objects in your surroundings to help your neighbors.

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Kim Ohlsson - Project Manager

Leon Andersson - Programmer

Julia Eklund Granstedt - Artist

Jonathan Nitzan Andersson - Artist

Arvid Edström - Programmer

Ludvig Baummann Olsson - Designer

Elin Tvinne Flyg - Artist

Julia Siljebo - Music Composer

Kato is a single player 3D third-person adventure game built in Unreal Engine where you play as the dog Kato by using an Xbox controller. Your hometown has been through a great tragedy and your owner feels sad to see her home break apart. Kato sets out to make the village into a better place by barking, digging, sprinting and using objects in the surroundings to spread happiness. As you explore your hometown you will help people get together, repair the broken windmill and save the homeless mayor of the town. Explore, find secrets, pester the mailman and spread happiness!

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