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Incognitro is a fast paced stealth game set in a dystopian steam punk setting. Get the best time and live forever on the leaderboards

Made by

Shifty Goat Studios



David Höglund - Programmer

Martin Sperens - Programmer

Nicklas Hedlund - Programmer

Jonas Hansson - Programmer

Emil Sundström - Programmer

Richard Stenlund - Artist

Louise Sundell - Artist

Amel Moussallik - Artist

Paulina Rasmusson Kling - Artist

Henri Vaenerberg - Ljud

Robin Lilja - Musik

Incognitro is a fast paced, first person stealth game. Avoid being seen by the evil robots and get to the goal as fast as you can. Use your cog throwing abilities to hit buttons from afar to get gest time.

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