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Angry fairies, an abducted herd of cows and a devastated cow queen.
Help Vilde and Grusa solve the fairies’ tricky puzzles and save the cows

Made by

Sunscale Studios



Rebecca Romin - Project Lead

Gustav Johansson - Programmer

Kevin Engstrand - Sound Designer/Composer

Gabriel Sandstedt - 3D Art

Laila Bulduk - 2D Art

Louise Buller - Designer

Hyss is a lighthearted 3D-puzzle adventure where you have to combine the strengths of both Vilde the gnome and Grusa the troll to save the abducted cows from the fairies’ tricky puzzles. To help you on your quest, the cow queen lent you her most fearless cow, the cowknight. Move platforms, throw the cowknight and use teleportation stumps to make your way through the puzzles. Set in an enchanting Swedish forest, Hyss is a treat for both the eye and ear, as well as a tricky challenge for the puzzle enthusiast.

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