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Heaven's Point

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Bringing the classic beatdown back from the 80's in an action-adventure that will test your brains as
well as your brawns.

Made by

Digital Punch



Andréas Bartziokas - Programming / Graphics

Nicklas Lindgren - Graphics

David Palm - Graphics

Gustav Håkansson - Music

Drawing clear inspiration from the NES and SNES era Beat 'em ups, Heaven's Point aims to bring the same hard-hitting action while introducing the head scratching puzzles and dry humor of the classic 90's Adventure games.

Play as a reluctant hero with a dark past who gets pulled back into a world of violence in order to save his loved ones in true 80 action movie fashion.

Gameplay centers around exploring the city of Heaven's Point through conversing with characters, solving puzzles and beating down the corrupt and villainous criminals roaming the streets.

Use your hands, mouth or eyes to interact with the world in different ways yielding different results.

Can you defeat the countless enemies and obstacles coming your way?

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