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2D Platformer


Hayfever is a charming platformer where you use allergies to skillfully race through levels

Pollen allergies have never been more exciting!

Made by




Jonas Roininen - CEO

Conny Nordlund - Creative Director

Kristoffer Engman - Musician

Pablo Sorribes Bernhard - Sound Designer

Filip Andersson - Programming Contributor

Khoubaeib Klai - Programming Contributor

Christoffer Lundberg - Level Design Contributor

You play as Thomas the Postman who has got Hayfever. He works during the worst of circumstances, allergy season!

Use the pollen and your allergies to your advantage to race through the levels!

Race against your own ghost for the best time.

Watch out for Scarecrows who throws Super Pollen at you!

Pollution allergy which turns you into a balloon and allows you to fly around!

Hayfever is still in an early Alpha stage and is expected to be released late 2019

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