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Gunslinger: Blood Moon

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Play as undead gunslingers in this multiplayer shooter. Get the advantage by grabbing special bullets and use them to crush your opponents.

Made by

Boot hill Productions



Felix Hansson - Project Leader / Design Lead / Designer

Magnus Germundsson - Programming Lead / Programmer

Eric Bingdahl - Artist Lead / 2D Artist

Kalle Elofsson - Audio Lead / Musician

Linnea Almlöf - Game Writer Lead / Game Writer

Erik Rodriguez - Programmer

Joel Pogemaa - Programmer

Mattias Westman - Programmer

Simon Ahlback - Programmer

Jimmy Haglund Malm - Designer

Lara Ibrahim - 2D Artist

Henrik Westerlund - 3D Artist

Isabel Håkansson - Animator

Simon Olofsson - Animator

Pavlo Theodoridis - Musician

Robert Persson - Sound Designer

Christopher Sakko - Game Writer

Once upon a time in the old west, rumors about a hidden treasure buried in the local graveyard catches the attention of the bounty hunter known as Mad Micah. A man feared by every criminal, from petty thieves to big-time criminals. He wants to claim the treasure for himself.What he doesn’t know is that a notorious, young outlaw by the name of Alejandra “Espectro” Esparza also got a hold of the rumors…

The game takes place decades after the incident at the graveyard. During the night when the characters met their maker, a blood moon lit up the sky and cursed them all. They are now forced to relive that night for all eternity.Gunslinger: Blood Moon is a third person-shooter multiplayer-only game with a supernatural twist. The players are gunslingers: undead wild-west themed, revolver-wielding ghasts. 2 to 8 players will battle it out in the town where it all happened, to see who will be the last one standing.

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