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Plenty of things can ruin a vacation. Sunburn, heatstroke… Or Hades, the greek god of the underworld, rising up with a band of monsters.

Made by

Team Forevermore



Lewis Thomas - Scripter

Jimmy Hansson - Scripter

Fredrik Bill - Scripter

Laura Buse - Level Designer

Hedda Peterson - 3D Art

Jennifer Aston - 3D Art

Juras Rodionovas - 3D Art

Andreas Rånman - 3D Art

Sabrina Oja - 2D Art

Sofia Persson - 2D Art

Godly is a top down action shooter, where you can pick up new items and customize your character with abilities. Find different projectiles and armor and use them to help you explore a world full of surprises. For you to be able to go back enjoying your vacation, Hades needs to be sent packing back to the underworld!

But he won’t be going quietly. He and his band of trusted monsters are committed to stopping you in your tracks.Godly allows for different play styles, whether you are committed to balancing your gear and going straight for the fight. Or you’d like to explore every last detail of the environment and see what it has to offer, Hades has left something behind for all of you.

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