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Get Soaked

Genre      -

Platform -

Action, Online Multiplayer, FPS


Get Soaked is an online, multiplayer first person shooter. Capture points and hold them - best
out of three wins!

Made by




Maya Egnér - Environment, GUI & Art Direction

Anders Ekendahl- Programmer

Johannes Dagerbrant- Environment & Animation

Daniel Nordberg- Programmer

Lukas Åberg - Designer

Get Soaked is set in a distant future where progress in technology has reached new heights,altering the world as we know it in drastic ways. This technology, aside from being super-duper-awesome, also happened to be the downfall of mankind. Well, almost. While all the grown-ups killed each other off, the children survived. Being the last humans left on Earth, they decided to establish a system in order to solve their internal conflicts. Concluding that the grown-ups did a pretty bad job, killing is a huge no-no. Instead, the two opposing groups battle it out using water-guns, and the winners get to rule and/or decide what to do next. Until the next battle, that is.

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