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Fence Feast

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Fence Feast is high paced party game for four player that combines medieval jousting with competitive food serving or... Throwing.

Made by

Fence Feasters



Fredrik Bill - Design

Olle Drakenberg - Design

David Eliasson - Design

Antonia Kiili - Design

Jona Marklund - 3D

Joseph Stameus - 3D

Carl Trägårdh - 3D

Annie Åberg - 3D

In Fence Feast players will go head-to-head in a chaotic free-for-all where the goal is to, within 90 seconds, deliver the most plates of food to the tables scattered around the level.

To aid you in this you have your lance and your throwing arm. using your lance to fend off enemy players and sabotaging their deliveries is one, very valid approach, throwing your plates is another.

For you see, if your throwing arm is up to snuff, why not just toss a plate onto the tables, the customers only care that the food has arrived, not about eating it (they are robots after all).

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