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Fall Moon

Genre      -

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Fall Moon is a mobile puzzle game for all ages where you manipulate the game board and make a path for the Moon to reach its destination.

Made by

Team Green Tea



Development team:

Fabian Falk - Lead Programmer

Lars Eirik Holte - Project Manager / Sound Designer

Kristoffer Lövgren - Lead Level Designer

Johan Mets - 2D Artist / UI Lead

Johannes Palmblad - 2D Artist / Concept Artist

Music used with permission from the composers:

Brandon Fiechter

Derek Fiechter

In Fall Moon, the player controls a dragon on a game board made out of tiles-spaces. The dragon is controlled by swiping their finger on the screen in the direction the player wants the dragon to move. On each of the spaces there are certain tiles with different properties. Some tiles are static, some can be freely pushed around by the dragon, and some are affected by gravity. The goal is for the player to arrange the miscellaneous tiles on the board in order to transport the most essential tile; the Moon-tile, onto the single hole-tile on the board. The fewer moves the dragon needs to make, the better star-rating the player will get.

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