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Genre      -

Platform -

Adventure, Hack 'n Slash


Evered is a game for those who love the the fast action from hack n’ slash games, but want the exploration of adventure games.

Made by

Stenkraft Games



Simon Palmblad - Audio & Music, UI Designer, Programmer

Linus Ferm - 3D artist, Programmer, Designer

Bakari Shuonen Camara - 2D artist, Animator, Programmer

With fast movement and exciting action, you, the player, will embark on a journey through crimson mountains to discover the many mysteries of the world. You are Red, the last of his kind, in a world inhabited solely by your enemies. Roaming the land you once called home in an attempt to preserve what little remains, protecting the ruins of an ancient civilization from the destructive forces of the creations made by those who eliminated your tribe. Traverse through grass-covered plains and mossy hills, with architecture inspired by Aztec and east Asian culture. Fight enemies using your gifted powers, to keep the monuments of your past safe.

Evered combines elements of fast-paced hack n’ slash action with exploration and platforming. Fast reactions and adept use of abilities is paramount. Do you have what it takes to make it through alive, or will you face the same fate as your people?

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