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Ever End

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Platform -

Visual Novel, Action


Fight bosses to save your sister in a story driven 2D animated visual novel action game about redemption and accepting reality.

Made by




Emil Kiviniemi - Creative Director, Animator, Lead Designer

Jakob Hansen - Producer, Sound Engineer

Stella Crawford - Artist, PR Manager

Erik Wallin - Lead Programmer

Sebastian Wallin - Programmer, Game designer

Emil Elthammar - Programmer

Ever End is a visual novel-action game hybrid with a manga inspired presentation. Story is told through cinematic visual novel segments, and combat encounters use a fully 2D animated quick time event based battle system.

Follow End, an ex-soldier with a mysterious power, on her quest to redeem herself by saving her sister, Zero, from a corrupt Organisation. In the demo, End and Zero are trying to escape a lockdown of the Organisation headquarters while learning to cooperate after having been separated for several years. They are however stopped in their tracks by End’s self-proclaimed rival Quit, who has been hired by The Organisation to take them down. Help End and Zero tackle the obstacles ahead on their journey to freedom!

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