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Platform -

Adventure, Narrative-driven, 2,5D, Sidescroller, Atmospheric


Trapped in her own Subconscious, Mira wakes up to find herself in a dark but strangely familiar place. She'll have to find a way out.

Made by

Lions & Vultures



Nicolina Åkerfelt – Design

Johannes Olsson – Design

Jimmy Hansson – Design

Linn Pennanen – 3D Art

Annie Åberg – 3D Art

Joakim Engholm – 3D Art

Sara Burman – 3D Art

Emelie Johansson – 2D Art

Jonatan Wallén – 2D Art

Rehman Raza - Animation

In this atmospheric 2.5D sidescroller, you play as Mira who wakes up in her own subconscious and will have to solve puzzles to find a way out and discover what happened to her.

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