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Genre      -

Platform -

2.5D Platformer


Soar through a lost world using Dilán’s magnetic shell and find the seven lost Gramophones to wake its friend

Made by

Nine Lostlings



Zebastian Brax - Game Design

Douglas Gidlöf - Game Design

Alex Gilljam - Game Design

Linnea B.Eklind - 2D

Josefin Bomark - 2D

Sara Burman - 3D

Mattias Rosquist - 3D

Linus Scheffel - 3D

Petter Setterberg - 3D

Let me tell you a story about a land that lies beyond the horizon, just where the eyes cannot reach. Our story revolves around two creatures, a curious armadillo named Dilán, and its best friend; A Mountain Cat at the core of the world. The Mountain Cat has overslept for a few hundred years, and Dilán wishes to wake it up. But waking up a Mountain Cat is no easy task, it requires great effort. For you see, there are stories of seven Gramophones which lies scattered across this world, and if one were to find them and place them at the Center, their combined timbre would wake up the Mountain cat. Dilán has a unique shell that are imbued with magnetic energy, which makes so it can attract itself to certain metal objects, but also repel itself from said objects. This magnetic ability allows Dilán to traverse this world with ease and panache. Dilán is well prepared for this journey. Are you? Are you ready to be a part of this great effort? Follow us beyond the horizon, see what your eyes previously could not reach. And help Dilán wake up its friend. It has been some time now.

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