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Your mission is to escape a factory area with the help of a piece of technology, which is needed to avoid the turrets guarding the area.

Made by

44 Gone



Johan Axdorph - Project Manager

Jimmy Broman - Creative Director

Victor Bankler - Lead Design

Pontus Hållberg - Design

Ole Wahlström - Lead Art

Alexandra Aronsson - Art

Anton Jonsson - Art

Marcus Nilsson - Art

Linn Philipsson - Art

Jonathan Krieger Rozenberg - Narrative Design

Jon Hagström - Lead Sound Designer

Samuel Lindsköld - Sound Designer

Isak Asplund - Composer

Alexander Gustavsson - Composer

Agnar Thor Oskarsson - Lead Programmer

William Augustsson - Programmer

Niclas Elmäng - Programmer

Eric Norén - Programmer

Decoy is an action sci-fi platformer with a twist. Your task is to escape an industrial complex while dodging heat-seeking turrets. The only tool you have is a short-distance teleportation device, which also leaves a clone that draws the turrets’ fire. Be careful what you leave behind.

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