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An atmospheric puzzle game which will challenge and intrigue your mind. Can you find your way through the Dark World?

Made by

Bitter Studios



Anders Åkesson -Creative director/3D Assets

Anton Larsson -Game Design/Level Design

Aboud Malki -Programmer

Charlie Sakari -Character Art

The Player wakes up in total darkness, lost and afraid with little recollection how he got here. While he tries to calm down, he focuses his senses on the sounds that echo through this place, miraculously they somehow illuminate the room, and act as a guide leading him forward.

His only wish, to find his way out.

This world is a mysterious and magic place, with all kind of ghosts, monsters and creatures hiding in the darkness, are they good? evil? only by exploring this world and meeting them can this question be answered.

Our unique design is that sound creates light, and it’s this feature which will guide the player though most of the game. The player will use this “SoundLight” in different ways to illuminate his way throughout the game.

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