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Commissar's Contrapasso

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A darkly humorous adventure game set in WW2, a character driven story with a few twists and puzzles as well as hand-drawn graphics.

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Gertrud Bondesson - Project manager, programmer, writer and artist

Commissar's Contrapasso is a story about an arrogant soviet commissar who follows the official doctrines of the party with little regard for the simple soldiers beneath him,until he finds himself caught alone behind enemy lines that is...

What follows is a darkly humorous adventure with many strange turns. Whether or not the commissar will make it out alive depends on you, the player. Commissar's Contrapasso is a point and click game featuring classic game play elements such as inventory-based puzzles and dialogue trees, but it's also possible for careless players to kill the protagonist and receive a game over screen at several occasions. This game was made with Adventure Game Studio.

This game can be played in both English and Swedish, the language can be changed in the setup menu before starting the game.

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