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Colour Box

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In Colour Box you create matching patterns by dragging boxes over colours. Using and creating spaces is the key to figuring out the puzzles.

Made by

Colour Box Team



Daniel Michaneck - Design & Programming

Jonathan Krieger Rozenberg - Music & Quality Assurance

Colour Box is a minimalistic puzzle game about… colouring boxes! Drag blank boxes across coloured fields, or other boxes, to make them take on that colour. Dip a side, a corner, or the whole thing. Just figure out how to make your box match the pattern on the goal! Through 27 increasingly challenging levels the player must learn to see the game space from a different perspective and to think ahead. Both the visuals and the core mechanics are simple, and it’s intuitive to play. Getting started is easy, but completing the game means taking on complex levels that introduce tricky twists the player must adapt to. Corners and flat surfaces means different shapes, and more boxes means more possibilities. Colouring a box is simple. Figuring out how to use the palette and create patterns, a puzzle.

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