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Bolt and Bobby

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A puzzle game, for up to two players, with focus on teamwork. Play as either Bolt the thunderball, Bobby the cool snowball or why not both!

Made by

Team Bee



Fredrik Nilsson - Project Manager/Designer

André Tingvall - Artist

Harry Nordenfors - Artist

Daniel Ahlberg - Designer

Christian Bång - Programmer/Designer

David Bång - Programmer/Designer

Bolt & Bobby is a 3D puzzle game for up to two players with a focus on teamwork. You can play as Bolt the thunderball who charges and discharges electricity, and as Bobby the snowball who roll around in the snow to get big. The characters need to help each other out to be able to beat the two levels of the game, Bolt need Bobby and Bobby needs Bolt. Play alone as both of the characters, or play with a friend where you are Bolt and your friend is Bobby!

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