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Angry Emoji The Game

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Old school fun gameplay packaged into your modern mobile device. Feel the thrill avoiding angry emoji and rush to pick up coins.

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Joakim Johnsson - Coder, Graphics, Sound

Markus Johnsson - Designer

Arora Johnsson - Designer

Juila Johnsson - Designer

In Angry Emoji must dodge an onslaught of evil emoji and capture all coins for the highscore.To control your smiley you just drag your finger across the display. For bullet-time touch two fingers, but be aware you only have a limited supply, so use it only where needed. Reach goal-line to unlock next level. The game is in development and we still need to work on sound, some graphics, level design, endless level and tweaking.We want to distill the fun of the dodging in the classic shoot'em'up and tweak all the parameters for maximum fun tailored for a mobile platform. We want to keep the game mechanic fairly easy and accessible for anyone to enjoy.The word "Trilli" from TrilliGames is Icelandic slang for triplet. This gameis designed by us, Markus, Arora and Julia, 13-year old triplets born Iceland (but very much Swedish citizens) and programmed by our father Joakim.

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