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A Good Day To Die

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Explore a chaotic world all about rolling the die. Upgrade your own die, collect strange items and see if you can thwart Princess Die-ana!

Made by

Question Shark Studios



Agnar Oskarsson - Lead Programmer / Music & Audio

Olof Hedström - Project Lead / Programmer / 2D Artist

Albin Larsson - Design / Programming

William Fitkin - 2D Artist

Sara Nilsson - 2D Artist / Animator

In “A Good Day to Die” you awake to a terrible fate. Your head has been stolen only to be replaced with a die! You soon realize that this must be the doing to Princess Die-ana and "head" out to reclaim what once was yours. In this rouge-lite, action packed dungeon crawler you fight through enemies to be able to traverse dice filled levels and defeat mighty bosses in your quest. Use your newly found die-head to fight and give each die-face different special effects along the way to change the way you play. The roll of the die is what defines each playthrough so the game will always change with each new experience! So buckle up and get ready for a challenge for today, is a good day to die!

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