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A Dream of Seven Flowers

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Enter the dream of seven flowers, only in midsummer eve, to explore your subconscious self and find true love in the dream of your life.

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Christoffer Lundberg - Implementor

Sofia Almqvist - Story & Art

Shu Mayer - Backgrounds

Oscar Lundberg - Sound & Music

A Dream of Seven Flowers is a point and click adventure developed for PC and tables.

You find yourself pick flowers in an old Swedish village for a magic spell to enter the dream world. Ancient traditions and folklore are view through a new lens as you find what you’re looking for in a most unexpected way… When you enter the dream, your inventory is already filled with items, embodied memories, which can be used it a multitude of combinations to progress. When a memory is used others are unlocked to gradually delve deeper in previously blocked experiences and through that fabric of the dream world itself. Solve puzzles, uncover your past, interact with quirky characters and watch a magical story unfold in this game inspired by both old midsummer traditions and progressive themes!

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