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Pretty Shore



Sausage People


A beach resort tycoon game where your goal is to make a successful beach by keeping your visitors happy and making sure no one drowns.


Robert Arnborg - Music Composition, Sound Design, Game Design

Patrik Björk - Props & Character Artist, Texturing

William Blomberg - Props Arist & Texturing

Mojmir Calkovsky - Environment Artist

Mikael Cedergren - Product Owner, Systems and AI-Programmer, Animations and sunset/sunrise render

Carolina Dunge - 3D Generalist, Lights

Teodor Huldt - Scrum Master, UI Design, Sound Design

Hanna Högdin - AI Design, Game Design

Daniel Redelius - UI Programming

Jupiter Thulin - Camera Programming, Tools & Systems Programmer

The sun-kissed beaches of Scuba awaits you! Roll out your towls, drench yourselves in sun oil and enjoy your stay at our beautiful resort! Pretty Shore is a beach resort tycoon game all about building the beach of your dreams. Manage your very own beach and rise in fame as you climb from a simple shoreline to a fabulous sea-side resort! Build bars, kiosks, shops and more to please the needy tourists as they spend their day at your warm beach, or wait until dusk and watch as your shops light up in dazzling colors as Scuba's nights come to life. Decorate your beach with a plethora of props, palmtrees, paths and parasols in order to make your beach as pretty as can be, or simply kick back and watch as it comes to life with dozens of on-screen, simulated characters going about their day. But remember! A beach is nothing without its lifeguards, and disaster is always lurking right around the corner...


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