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The stars have fallen from the sky! Burst through a mystical world searching for your fallen fellows in an old-school platforming adventure.


Anton Johansson
Benjamin Mättö
Erik Nossborn
Hugo Rogmark
Jens Berg
Rémi Mrozek


Level Designers:
Gabriel Hector
William Fredriksson


Graphical Artists:
Anton Sjöholm
Sam Frisk
Sanna Friberg


Alfred Egnér
Elin Carlström
Tova Nyström

Polaris is a 2D platforming game made by Starstorm - a group of students from The Game Assembly in Malmö.


The stars have fallen from the sky! Take control of Polaris and restore the night sky! Explore the wilderness and solve puzzles to collect the fallen stars but watch out! There are dangers that lurk in the night!


We sought out to make something that would bring us back to the pixel perfect past without feeling redundant. We also challenged ourselves with the task of telling an actual story without using any words. A story that we feel still felt more relevant and meaningful than just ”save the damsel in distress”.


We hope you enjoy playing our game as much as we enjoyed making it.


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