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Into The Dangerous World I Leapt



Infant Ambivalence Project


Children are disappearing from the Emsworth Cotton mill. Two worlds are collapsing into each other. And you? You are just looking for your brother.


Saskia Lange - Project Leader/Creative Director, Game Design

Harry Hedman - Dev Lead, Programming

Dennis Ylivainio - Design Lead, Game Design

Felix Gutring - Art Lead, 3D Graphics

Robin Widmark - Programming

Erik Backlund - Programming

Oscar Östryd - Programming

Linnéa Hedström - 3D Character Artist

Brigitta Cifra - 3D Graphics, UI

Alexander Eriksson - 3D Graphics

Emma Nyström - Game Design

Johanna Back - Game Design, Sound Design

The year is 1801 and the industrial revolution is in full swing. Cotton mills are being built all over England, with children are providing the cheap workforce. Idony is a small girl who just started working at one of these factories, along with her brother. One day she wakes up and he is just gone. Into the Dangerous World I Leapt is a mysterious and surreal first person puzzle game. In it you travel between two worlds, just like you would flip a coin. Talk to angels, throw meat around, watch out for rude hands, and discover what has happened to your brother.


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