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Playing in first person, the player will travel through a number of unique puzzles each correlating to a different step in the five stages of grief.


Amelie Bjurenhed: Product Owner & 3D Artist

Benedict Gibson: 3D Artist

Bengt-Erik: Designer

Damian Becedas: Designer

Emrik Åkermark: Programmer

Filip Sigrand: Programmer

Fredrik Lövlie: Programmer

Linnéa Gröndalen: 2D Artist

Samuel Einheri: Designer

Sofie Danbrant: Designer

You play as Roya, a 27 year old woman born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Not long after moving further into the city, her father passes away in a tragic accident. Although loving and caring, Roya was not there to care for her father and before his death they had a falling out which was never resolved. Now ridden with guilt, you must traverse through different stages of grief Roya is experiencing, to reach the stage of acceptance and move on with your life. The player will have to complete specialised dreamlike puzzles through environment interaction and unnatural player controls.


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