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We are extremely pleased to announce the Gold sponsor, MTG Tech!

From the very start of MTG’s story, MTG Tech has enabled millions of viewers to enjoy the content they love. All those movie nights with your family, the Premier League weekends with friends and the Rio Olympics closing ceremony in UHD and 360 immersive experiences are enabled by MTG Tech.

With a broad spectrum of tech expertise ranging from product development and content distribution to cloud computing and enterprise systems, MTG Tech operates as the central technology and innovation hub for MTG’s Free-TV and Subscription TV.

This includes building TV studios and playout centres, managing large-scale distribution networks via satellite, fiber and OTT, as well as developing next generation technology and products in TV, broadband, telephony and Virtual Reality.

As part of MTG’s digital transformation, MTG Tech is constantly challenging the status quo by driving projects that enable viewers to experience content in new ways and on new platforms. Visit their site here to learn more about MTG Tech

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