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Hawkeye - Free 6 months liscens

To download the program and get the license, visit our ree license for the index program Hawkeye.

"As an earlier participant of SGA 2009 with Carpet Wrestling it feels really great to be able to give something back to the ones crunching for this years competition. SGA is a very good stepping stone into the industry.

To help you with this we offer a 6 months free license of a program that has been credited inside Wolfenstein: The New Colossus."

- Fredrik Zaar

So what is Hawkeye?

Hawkeye makes lots of things easier(Finding code, documentation, blueprint info inside uassets). The core component is searching inside a responsive UI that shows the results while you are typing. Its also linked with common editing tools such as Sublime Text, Notepad++, Visual Studio, Vim, Emacs to name a few. Find the thing you are looking for easily then continue working in your favorite editor. Commands can also be linked when opening the editors to allow checkout in perforce etc. We want the threshold to find data to actually working on it to be as low as possible. Hawkeye also enables a really good overview between code, documentation, content, UI etc.

Hawkeye was created to make everyday work simpler for a developer, you become faster without realizing it.

To download the program and get the license, visit our Resources & Tutorial page.

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