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Dwarf Undecided



Tea Mate


Taking care of your mothers shop can be hard work, or a ton of fun! Talk to lively and undecided customers to help them find a good weapon for their hunt so you can increase your profits and expand your inventory!


Rasmus Carlzén - Project Manager, Artist

Lena Fredén - Artist

Vanessa Sjö Ballina - Artist

Eddie Herrera - Designer

August Lewén - Designer

Enok Nord - Designer

Hjalmar Andersson - Programmer

Justus Hörberg - Programmer

Johan Liljedahl - Programmer

In Dwarf Undecided you get to run your very own weapon shop, or rather you get to run your mother’s store while she’s away.

Talk with your dwarven clientele to figure out what monster they will be hunting, then consult your journal to find an appropiate item

for their hunt. Get updates on how your customer’s adventures turned out and then get rewarded or penalized depending on their/your performance.


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