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Cryptid Chronicles



Midnight Oil Games


Experience a slice of a cryptozoologist’s life as you document the existence of an impossible creature on its home turf.


Marcus Ford - Narrative and AI Designer

Richard Hill - Gameplay and Tech Designer

Torbjörn Ståhle - Level Design

Alexander Gräsgårds - Props and Environment Artist

Alishia Nossborn - Creature, 2D, and Animation Artist

Miguel Cordova - Props, Lighting, and Environment Artist

Aboud Malki - Programmer

Colin Brook - Programmer

Jonathan Rawet - Programmer

We’ve all dreamt of tromping off into the forest, only to discover the tracks of a legendary mythical creature. There is a small part of you that wants to become a cryptozoologist, someone who aims to prove the existence of animals from folklore, such as the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot.


Cryptid Chronicles is a single-player simulation game where the player takes control of Thaddeus Tankston, the world’s first cryptozoologist as he undertakes a daring journey to the lair of a unique creature. Equipped with only a trusty spyglass, map, and journal your goal is to track down and document all there is to know about this cryptid.


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