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Crawl Space



Team 9


Crawl Space is a dark modern take on the top-down stealth genre set in an alien space station, inspired by 80’s horror and sci-fi films. This time, you get to play as the monster. A monster that can burrow into the bodies of others and control them.


Abenthy Lillieström - Tech Art, Animator

Aldo Sartori - Game Designer, Programmer

Teodore Huldt - Music

Isaac Olander - Character Artist, Scrum Master

Alexander Johansson - Game Designer

Rebecka Näsberg - Environment Artist

Jonas Holmlund - Game Designer, Programmer

You’ve escaped your test tube and it’s time to exact revenge on the crew of the space station

Navigate its four levels and assassinate your targets.

But be careful, this monster is scary because it is clever, not strong. If crewmembers spot you, they’ll

try to kill you as well.

Learn to blend into the environment, crawling under desks and shelves, into vents or the backs of crewmembers to avoid getting spotted.

Hide the corpses of crewmembers so that they won’t be discovered — if they are, murder the living as they mourn.


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