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Neck 'n' Neck


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A 2 player game racing with giraffes competitively on a PC console in 2D side view camera. First one to cross the finish line wins. Avoiding obstacles and picking up boosts will help you win.

Paraxonia Productions

Made by



Stefan Övergaard - Project Manager

Erik Norstedt - Project Manager

Marcel Lang - Lead Artist

Marina Arknell - Lead Designer

Joseph Delatolas - Programmer

Axel Thomsen - Programmer


"Neck 'n' Neck" is a game meant for children, but fun for all ages. It was designed by a team dedicated to making an easy and intuitive arcade game that is easy to play but hard to master. It uses simple mechanics to bring a different perspective on racing games, focusing mainly on precision. The goal of the game is to use the giraffe controllers to mimic the giraffe's neck in game and dodge the bushes. There is also a tail that the player can use to jump in game over the obstacles on the ground, or to extend the maximum height of the giraffe's neck. The giraffe controllers are comfortable to sit on and easy maneuver making the game an experience to be remembered.

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