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A new platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System about a bear with an enchanted dressmaker pin for a weapon.


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Benjamin Larsson - Designer, Programmer, Artist, Composer, Sound Designer


In Nalleland, you will take control of the adventurous yellow bear Nalle. When our story begins, Nalle has just woken up and is ready to go out and find some treasure! But Outdoors is a dangerous place, filled to the brim with hungry monsters and nefarious traps. Good thing then, that Nalle is equipped with a special weapon: the enchanted dressmaker pin! Throw the pin in a wall and bounce on it, or throw it on an enemy to pin it in place and incapacitate it.


Explore a continuous world of platforming challenges, discovering secrets and killing monsters. Maybe you can reach the end, but can you find and collect all the gems? Or beat the game in FLOOR IS LAVA mode?


Nalleland was written in assembly code for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It can run in virtually any NES emulator on any modern OS, as well as on the actual console.

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