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Puzzle-Adventure & Action

Traverse the inside of your smartphone together with Ai, a digital persona in this puzzle adventure game that is set in a mix of the physical and the virtual world.

InAi Labs

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Seweryn-Oskar Trzaska - Lead Programmer
David Nguyen - Lead Artist


InAi will allow the players to immerse themselves in an exciting mixed reality puzzle adventure game. In the game, the players will encounter the digital persona Ai, which due to a twist of fate, finds herself present within the player’s phone. Together with Ai, the player will embark on a thrilling journey through an in-game representation of the smartphone’s parts and software (e.g. camera, battery and gyroscope). Along this journey, the player and Ai will endure many hardships and face a variety of challenges. The challenges will vary from tough battles to engaging puzzles, which are all based on common smartphone features.


For these challenges, some of the solutions are present within the virtual world of the game but for others, the players are required to make a leap into our own; pacing back and forward between the virtual and the physical world until it all appears to be seamless.

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