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Horde Havoc


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Horde Havoc is a casual puzzler with real-time strategy mechanics where you sacrifice a horde of willing Orcs to solve problems your way.

Team Brunsås

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Design: Hanna Fridén - Jonas Petersson - Anton Samuelsson

Programming: Per Åkerström - Suat Kückükgöl - Simon Larsson

3D Art: Corinne Boman - Attila Herczeg - Hanna Stenow - Mikaela Marti

2D Art: Nicolas Lennman - Eddi Pettersson

Sound: Jonas Petersson


Made in four weeks at Futuregames game developer school.


The player guides their orcs through small bite-sized levels filled with obstacles. "Horde Havoc" only requires two mouse buttons to play. Left click and drag to select your orcs, right click to move. The Horde acts as both the player character and a resource to manage. The humorous tone and stylized visuals encourage the player to sacrifice the orcs. The player can use objects like oil barrels and bonfires placed in the level. Play with fire, burn obstacles or blow them away. Orcs that consume oil turn into volatile walking bombs. Sawblades, swinging axes and boulders are all obstacles to tackle. Traps react to how many orcs the player throws at them, slowing them or breaking them completely. How many orcs that make it all the way to the end is dependent on player choice, timing and creativity. But remember; The Horde is disorderly, and accidents are bound to happen.

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